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Durham’s Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) is a home for growing 
big ideas. We support, promote and grow new and creative interdisciplinary ideas that transform our perspectives in challenging and provocative ways. We provide time, space, and resources to exchange and integrate ideas, knowledge and skills. We are a home to an inclusive, diverse and supportive community of scholars from Durham University and across the world.

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Current projects 2023/24

Each year, the IAS supports ambitious and adventurous interdisciplinary projects tackling major research questions. Researchers from around the globe join Durham colleagues in collaborative teams to develop ground-breaking ideas, explore interdisciplinary synergies and develop new programmes of research.

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Exploring 'Offence' as a phenomenon and the challenges for society in attempting to regulate offensive speech and behaviour

Investigating the colonisation of the classical past by a spectrum of political forces, with a particular focus on neo-Nazi and white-supremacist groups in Europe and the UK

An interdisciplinary examination of potential and actual sources of injustice within surveillance-cum-recognition and automated decision-making technologies and the DNNs which are their foundation

Walking as research can allow us to interrogate the past, critique the present, and imagine the future(Research Development Project)

An interdisciplinary project examining managers' experiences when working alone

Conversations about delivering human-centred techniques and tools to help stakeholders explore the horizons of possibilities and to define an envelope of acceptability for AI-based Software Responsibility focusing on legal aspects

This project brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars to explore the role of archives in decolonising teaching and learning

Can displaced communities renew a sense of ownership over their tangible cultural heritage and assert their agency over its use? This project grapples with this challenge and devises new ways to address it

This project will examine the interconnections between neurodivergence, mental health and physical health

This project brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars to explore the role of archives in decolonising teaching and learning


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