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The Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) at the University of Durham is a prestigious, ideas-based Institute with global reach. We bring together world-leading researchers from all disciplines to work with Durham colleagues on collaborative projects of major intellectual, scientific, political and practical significance.

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IAS welcomes its 2021/22 Michaelmas Fellows and the start of projects

IAS welcomes its 2021/22 Michaelmas Fellows and the start of projects

The Institute of Advanced Study is delighted to welcome its first cohort of 2021/22 Fellows  to Durham. The IAS Fellowship plays a major role in the life of the IAS, and we encourage your engagement with our Fellows.  Fellows’ lectures and seminars are scheduled...

Where are they now? Professor Monica Grady

Where are they now? Professor Monica Grady

Written by Monica Grady I was privileged to have a Visiting Fellowship at the IAS in Epiphany Term 2010. It was a little different from other Fellowships, as it was a joint appointment with my husband, Ian Wright both invited by Professor Martin Ward, then Director of...

Current projects

Each year, the IAS supports four ambitious interdisciplinary projects tackling major research questions. Leading researchers from around the globe join Durham colleagues in collaborative teams to develop ground-breaking ideas, explore interdisciplinary synergies and develop new programmes of research. Learn more about our current projects by following the links below.


Developing new practices for fusing scientific and artistic invocation and explanation of Arctic environments.

Identifying the opportunities, challenges and barriers to creating a sustainable space industry.

Developing methods to automate the processes involved in a literature review.


Exploring how ideas of extended cognition can seek to explain memory at an individual level.

Exploring the social and cultural capital that might be accessed by advantaged and disadvantaged children.


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Recent articles, books, chapters and reports from our IAS Fellows.

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Publications begun or published during IAS Fellowships.

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Publications catalysed by research conducted during IAS Fellowships.

Insights e-journal

The journal which captured the ideas and work-in-progress of Fellows who visited the IAS during its thematic framework (from 2006 – 2017)

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