2020/21 Fellows Lecture and Seminar Videos

Michaelmas Term



‘Such Stuff as Psychoses are Made on?’ by Dr Armando D’Agostino

‘Biodiversity Loss, Land Reform and Sustainable Communities’ by Dr Chris Dalglish

‘Apollo Lies Weeping: on the Broken Dreams of Gods and Infidels’ by Sarah Danays

‘Extreme States of Matter: From Big Bang to the Lab’ by Dimitrios Giataganas

‘World Literature: Some Old and New Ideas’ by Sowon Park


‘From Dreams to Sleep Oscillatory Activity in Psychosis’ by Dr Armando D’Agostino

‘Uterine Dreams’ by Sarah Danays

‘Phase Transitions and Universalities in Strongly Interacting Matter’ by Dr Dimitrios Giataganas

‘Unconscious Memory’ by Dr Sowon Park

Epiphany Term



‘Living in the ‘Hum’: Precarious Lives and Personal Possessions’ by Prof. Nicholas Blomley

‘Volcanism: from Wonder and Fear to Experiment and Intervention’ by Prof. Donald Dingwell

‘Flourishing in the Anthropocene: Property, Community and Climate Change’ by Dr Nicole Graham

‘Who Should Pay for Interdependent Risk? Policy Implications for Security Interdependence Among Airports’ by Dr Fabio Massacci

‘Asabiya—The Code of the Desert’ by Dr Sandra Scham

‘Common-Lands, Practices and Local Knowledge: an Archaeological Perspective to the Inner Social Dimension of the Landscape’ by Dr Anna Stagno


‘Thinking Territorially About Property’ by Prof. Nicholas Blomley

‘Culture, Communities & Land Reform’ by Dr Chris Dalglish

‘Volcanic Ash in the Earth System: Environment vs. Technology’ by Prof. Donald Dingwell

‘Sydney’s Drinking Water Catchment: a Broken Lawscape of Water and Coal’ by Dr Nicole Graham

‘The Role of Catalogues of Threats and Security Controls in Security Risk Assessment: an Empirical Study with Air Traffic Management Professionals’ by Dr Fabio Massacci

‘Nomads in Paradise: Berber and Bedouin Al-Andalus’ by Dr Sandra Scham

‘De-Urbanising Rural Spaces: the Words we use and the Interpretation of the Past’ by Dr Anna Stagno