Meet the team: Dr Ronan O’Donnell

Jul 13, 2020 | IAS News, Meet the team, Transformations (Issue 1)

We’re thrilled to welcome Dr Ronan O’Donnell to the IAS team as our new administrator. Ronan writes:

“My academic background is in archaeology and history, which I studied first at Durham (BSc. Archaeology), then Leicester (MA English Local History) and the Durham again (PhD Archaeology). My particular interest is the landscape, the way people interact with it and especially land tenure. As a result I’ve always crossed the boundaries between the sciences, humanities and social sciences, so it’s great to have the opportunity to support interdisciplinary research. I’ve really enjoyed my first few months at the IAS, I’ve had some great conversations with our Fellows on everything from dark matter to flooding. It’s been an interesting time to start a job, of course, as only a couple of months in, the pandemic arrived and we received word to shut Cosin’s Hall down and work from home. It has however been an interesting challenge to move our activities into cyberspace, and so I look forward to the start of our exciting programme of events from October.”


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