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Sep 10, 2020 | Fellows, IAS News, Transformations (Issue 1)

While the majority of our 2020/21IAS Fellowship is virtual, we are delighted to confirm that artist Sarah Danays joins us in Durham for her Fellowship from October to March. Sarah is an internationally renowned sculptor and photographer whose work is inspired by gesture and antiquities – notably broken ones. Her Fellowship involves working together with Professor Emerita Ludmilla Jordanova (Centre for Visual Arts and Cultures (CVAC); History) and an exhibition in 2021 at Van Mildert College. Sarah’s practice involves research into an object’s history and context to develop new interpretations for significant museum pieces and to inform the ‘treatment’ of broken objects from her own collection. This is what she calls her ‘metaphysical surgery.’ Sarah’s Fellowship is the first to be supported by CVAC and intersects nicely as a residency to develop the work for her exhibition ‘Uterine Dreams’, which will take place in Spring of 2021.

Images: Sarah Danays ‘Uterine Dreams’ title piece, work in progress 2020′ (Alabaster worked with hand tools, images show profile and front, dimensions approx. h)18 x w)9 x d)10 cms.

For more information see Sarah’s Fellowship page or her personal website.


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