The IAS welcomes its Epiphany Term Fellows

Jan 6, 2021 | Fellows

The Institute of Advanced Study is pleased to welcome its second cohort of 2020/21 Fellows. The Institute’s programme for visiting Fellows continues in virtual form in response to the pandemic. Fellows’ lectures and seminars will continue in this form across the term, as will the development of collaborative research projects with Durham colleagues. Two major interdisciplinary projects are taking place during Epiphany: Quantifying the Global Risk of Volcanic Eruptions to the Airline Industry will consider the problem of volcanic eruptions in the context of global flight paths; and Negotiating Landscapes of Rights will examine the negotiation of rights around common resources through a series of case studies from around the world. Further information about these projects can be found at

This term our IAS Fellows are: Dr Nicole Graham (University of Sydney Law School) who conducts research in the fields of property law and theory, and legal geography. Her work has been influential in legal geography, property theory, and environmental theory; Dr Anna Stagno (History of Material Culture, University of Genoa), who is widely recognised for her work on rural archaeology (environmental resource management practices and landscape archaeology) and especially the archaeology of the commons; Professor Donald Dingwell (Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich) whose expertise lies in the physics of magma as a material, and dynamics of eruptions including, in particular, the processes involved in the generation of volcanic ash; Professor Nicholas Blomley (Simon Fraser University) an authority on critical legal geography, who focusses on the relationship between space, property and power; Professor Fabio Massacci (Vrije University, Amsterdam) whose work is concerned with the development of rigorous models of insurance, security, financial planning in crises, and the interaction between existential risks and industrial activity; Dr Sandra Scham (The Catholic University of America), a specialist in artefacts of the Near East from the Neolithic through the Byzantine Period, whose expertise extends to government and international development, especially related to cultural heritage and civil/human rights issues; and Dr Chris Dalglish, Director of Inherit, the York Archaeological Trust’s Institute for Heritage & Sustainable Human Development, whose research interests are in the history of rural communities and landscapes, in rural development, justice and land rights, and in heritage as a means of empowerment.

Further details about the Fellows can be found at


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