Internationally respected legal scholar publishes new book

Jul 6, 2021 | Fellows, IAS News, Publication, Transformations (Issue 3)

During her 2015/16 Fellowship at the IAS, Professor Heather Douglas (University of Melbourne) was still conducting some of these interviews which form the basis for her book, and her IAS seminar paper was an early version of one of the chapters.

In Women, Intimate Partner Violence, and the Law, Professor Douglas interviewed the women participants three times over three years to reveal their journey through the legal process, determining that on occasion, the legal system allowed some women closure. However, circular and unexpected outcomes were a common experience. Her book showcases the level of endurance, tenacity, and patience it takes women to seek help and receive protection through law. This book shows how the legal system is failing too often to keep women and their children safe and how it might do better.

Heather Douglas is Professor of Law at Melbourne Law School (University of Melbourne) where she teaches and researches in the area of criminal law and procedure. Her expertise on legal responses to domestic and family violence is internationally recognised.


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