Updates from the Fellowship: Autumn 2021

Dec 15, 2021 | Fellows, Transformations (Issue 4)

We’re pleased to share the following news from the IAS alumni community.

Professor David Sutton (2018/19 Fellow)
Has published Bigger Fish to Fry: a theory of cooking as risk, with Greek Example (2021, Berghahn Press).

Dr Francesca Fulminante (2017/18 Fellow)
Has published an edited collection in a special edition ‘Children and Infant Agency in Past and Present Urban Societies’, Children in the Past, 14(2).  

Professor Barbara Sattler (2016/17 Fellow)
Has published The Concept of Motion in Ancient Greek Thought (2020, Cambridge University Press).

Professor Richard Read (2014/15 Fellow)
His anthology of essays, Colonization, Wilderness and Spaces Between: nineteenth-century landscape painting in Australia and the United States,  co-edited with Professor Kenneth Haltman published by the Terra Foundation of American Art, Chicago in 2020, will be re-published as an E-Portal book by Yale University Press later this year.

Lesley Chamberlain (2013/14 Fellow)
Has recently published Street Life and Morals: German philosophy in Hitler’s lifetime (2021, Reaktion Books).

Linda France (2012/13 Fellow)
Was awarded Writer of the Year in The Journal Culture Awards 2021 at Durham Cathedral in September 2021.

Professor David Martin Jones (2012/13 Fellow)
Has a published a new book with Edinburgh University Press, Columbo: paying attention 24/7, on the classic television series Columbo. It is endorsed by, amongst others, the famous comedian, actor and author Stephen Fry.  See https://edinburghuniversitypress.com/book-columbo.html



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