The Institute of Advanced Study is recruiting for its visiting IAS Fellowships for 2023/24

Apr 12, 2022 | IAS News

The IAS is delighted to confirm that applications for Fellowships in 2023/24 are now being accepted. Closing date GMT midday Friday 17 June 2022.

The IAS seeks to bring to Durham internationally leading academics, as well writers, artists and practitioners, to collaborate with adventurous interdisciplinary research across the University.

Some of our Fellowships are reserved for Fellows nominated to participate in projects funded by the IAS (for details see here). However, additional Fellowships are also available for scholars who would like to apply to collaborate with these projects, or who want come to the University for a term to work on collaborative interdisciplinary research projects with academics at Durham. All applicants must have a Durham host and a collaboratively composed Fellowship plan to ensure that such collaborations are substantive and strategically embedded, with potential long-term benefits to interdisciplinary research at Durham University.

A minimum PhD (completed and awarded) with five years’ post-doctoral experience is the minimum requirement for Fellows undertaking a traditional academic trajectory, or they must have an equivalent level of experience and track record in other areas.  Previous recipients of an IAS Fellowship are not eligible for a further Fellowship.

Full application details ar available at ‘Apply for IAS Fellowship – Durham University’.

If you require any further information or guidance, please contact  the IAS Manager, Linda Crowe.



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