The IAS welcomes its Epiphany 2023 Fellows and start of new projects

Jan 10, 2023 | Fellows, IAS News

The IAS has welcomed its Epiphany Fellows to Durham until the end of March.

We are pleased to welcome several Fellows who will collaborate with colleagues on a number of major interdisciplinary projects, including:

who will work on  major interdisciplinary project Risks to Youth and Studenthood in Digital Space which looks at students’ use of social media and an ever changing and developing digital landscape, seeking to understand how social media promotes student life transitions and identity formation.

who will collaborate on Opportunities in Pollution led by colleagues in Sociology and Physics, which considers the biological, physical and social impacts of pollution on micro- organisms, plants, animals and human stakeholders and the interdependent mechanisms of evolution and adaptation to it, and with particular reference to the Northeast England ecosystem – with its heavy industrial past and polluted local ecosystems.

who will work with colleagues in Anthropology and Government and International Affairs, on a major interdisciplinary project The Politics of Credibility, which explores how credibility is constructed in asylum determination regimes.

We have also brought to Durham additional Fellows working with colleagues across several other departments:

In addition, a number of research development projects will run across this term including Conversations on Machine Learning and Conceptual Change which will run five ‘fireside’ discussion groups starting on 12 January; and Absence/presence of Durham’s Black History: exploration of institutions, archives, students and pedagogies which will run three events during term.

A range of weekly Fellows seminars and lectures commence from Monday 16 January across the full term, and you can find out more here.  The calendar of events will continue to evolve over coming weeks, so please do review the Events Pages on a regular basis, including updates for any date or venue changes.



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