The IAS is supporting two exciting interdisciplinary projects this term: Opportunities in Pollution led by Kim Jamie (Sociology) and Margarita Staykova (Physics) with Fellows David Kneas and Beth Povinelli; and Risks to Youth and Studenthood in Digital Spaces with Rille Raaper (Education) & Mariann Hardey (Marketing).

Opportunities in Pollution led by Dr Kim Jamie (Sociology) and Dr Margarita Staykova (Physics) has the support of Fellows Dr David Kneas (University of South Carolina) and Professor Beth Povinelli (Columbia University). This project looks at the biological, physical and social impacts of pollution on micro- organisms, plants, animals and human stakeholders in the North East and the interdependent mechanisms of evolution and adaptation to it.

The second Major Project Risks to Youth and Studenthood in Digital Spaces is led by Dr Rille Raaper (Education) and Dr Mariann Hardey (Marketing) with the support of visiting Fellows, Professor Robert Hassan (University of Melbourne); Professor Katrin Tiidenberg (Tallin University) and Professor Philippa Collin (Western Sydney University). This project focusses on students’ use of social media in the digital landscape, seeking to understand how it promotes student life transitions and identity.


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