The IAS announces its incoming 2023/24 Fellows and Projects

Mar 29, 2023 | Fellows, IAS News, Projects

The IAS is delighted to announce its incoming cohort of Fellows and four research projects for academic year 2023/24.

Visiting Fellows will join us in Michaelmas 2023, Epiphany 2024 and Easter 2024 terms.  All our Fellows are working either across projects, departments, centres and institutes with Durham colleagues.

In addition to our ongoing support of early nascent research ideas, the IAS continues to support several major research projects each year.  Details of our 2023/24 projects are noted below, including which Fellows are collaborating on specific IAS funded projects, and those who are collaborating on other research with other Durham colleagues across campus.

Michaelmas 2023  

Abusing Antiquity investigates the colonisation of the classical past by a spectrum of political forces, with a focus on neo-Nazi and white-supremacist groups in the UK and Europe.
Durham lead Investigators: Dr Helen Roche (History); Dr Elisabeth Kirtsoglou (Anthropology)

In Absence of Others – considers managers’ experiences when working alone, and the daily consequences of hybrid working solitude and loneliness on their daily leader identity, wellbeing, and subsequent behaviours.
Durham lead Investigators: Dr Karolina Nieberle (Psychology); Dr Xiaotong (Janey) Zheng (Management and Marketing)  

IAS Fellows working with colleagues across the university

  • Dr Tong King Lee, Translation Studies, University of Hong Kong (collaborator: Professor Binghan Zheng, Modern Languages and Cultures)
  • Dr Urs Büttner, German and Comparative Literature, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (collaborator: Professor Claudia Nitschke, Modern Languages and Cultures); and Understanding Offence)
  • Dr Magdalena Zira, Classical reception scholar, and playwright,  Fantastico Theatro (collaborator: Professor Edith Hall, Classics and Ancient History; and Abusing Antiquity)
  • Dr Adam Gordon, Anthropology, University of Albany (collaborator: Professor Sarah Elton, Anthropology)
  • Dr Diana Johns, Criminology, University of Melbourne (collaborator: Professor Tammi Walker, Psychology)
  • Dr Youssri Abdelwahed,  Classical Egyptian Culture and Archaeology, Minia University (collaborator: Dr Edmund Thomas, Classics and Ancient History; and Abusing Antiquity)

Epiphany 2024

Understanding Offence: delimiting the (un)sayable explores ‘Offence’ as a phenomenon, and the challenges for society in attempting to regulate offensive speech and behaviours.
Durham lead Investigators: Professor Helen Fenwick (Law); Professor Patrick Zuk (Modern Languages and Cultures)

Justice and Artificial Intelligence examines the legal and ethical issues of injustice within surveillance-cum-recognition and automated decision-making technologies.
Durham lead Investigators: Dr Noura Al Moubayed (Computer Science); Professor William Lucy (Law)

IAS Fellows working with colleagues across the university

  • Dr Mara Leichtman, Anthropology, Michigan State University (collaborator: Dr Christopher Bahl, History)
  • Dr Avishek Parui, English Studies, Indian Institute of Technology (collaborator: Professor Alex Easton, Psychology)

Easter 2024

IAS Fellows working with colleagues across the university

You can read further details about all IAS projects next year, here.


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