An exciting term ahead for visiting IAS Fellows and Projects – Michaelmas Term 2023

Oct 2, 2023 | Fellows, IAS News

An exciting term ahead for visiting IAS Fellows and Projects – Michaelmas Term 2023

The IAS welcomes its Michaelmas 2023 Fellows to Durham to work with colleagues until the end of this term.

We are delighted to introduce and welcome:

who will work with colleagues in History and Anthropology on a Major interdisciplinary Project Abusing Antiquity which will provide fresh understandings of the appropriation of Greco-Roman antiquity from the beginning of the twentieth century onwards, demonstrating how appropriations of the classical world contribute to the past’s potential to polarise us in the present day.

This term also sees the projectIn Absence of Others take place. Led by colleagues in Psychology and Marketing, it considers managers’ experiences when working alone, and the daily consequences of hybrid working solitude and loneliness on their daily leader identity.

We also have a range of research development projects this year, which are research conversations, workshops, and/or network building activities, which have the potential to develop into major projects in the future. See full details at IAS Development Projects 2023/24.

We have also brought to Durham additional Fellows working with colleagues across several other departments:

A diverse range of seminars, lectures and other events will take place during term-time, and you can find out more here.

If you would like to connect with any Fellow, then please contact the IAS Manager for details, or see the IAS website.



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