News from IAS Fellows: past and present

Jan 9, 2024 | Fellows, IAS News, Transformations (Issue 11)

We’re pleased to share the following news from the IAS Fellows’ community

Dr Patrick Jachyra (Associate Fellow)

Dr Helen Roche (Associate Fellow)

Professor Andrea Halpern (2019/20 Fellow)

  • Has continued collaboration with Durham’s Dr Kelly Jakubowski, and ECR Aliya Edwards on a recent AHRC Research Networking award entitled ‘The Inner Music and Wellbeing Network’.

Professor Sverre Raffnsøe (2017/18 Fellow)

  • Has a forthcoming book (2024) A History of the Humanities in the Modern University (Palgrave McMillan).

Professor Nicholas Aroney (2017/18 Fellow)

  • Elected as Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA).

Professor Sara Cousins (2016/17 Fellow)

  • Has published, with Durham colleague and IAS Associate Fellow, Professor Robert Baxter ‘Experimental warming outside the growing season and exclusion of grazing has a mild effect on upland grassland plant communities in the short term’ in Plant, Ecology and Diversity.

Professor Hans Petter Graver (2016/17 Fellow) 

Professor Elizabeth Edwards (2011/12 Fellow) 

Paul Omerod (2007/08 Fellow)

  • Has been appointed as Honorary Professor at the Alliance Business School in the University of Manchester.
  • Appointed, by the Major of Manchester, Andy Burnham, as chair of the new Atom Valley Mayoral Development Zone. Spanning three boroughs in the North and East of Greater Manchester, this is a major project to develop an innovative manufacturing cluster on an international scale.


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