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Apr 22, 2024 | IAS News, Transformations (Issue 12)

Professor Bronwen Neil (2019/20 Fellow) 

  • Elected Head of the Religion section of the Australian Academy of Humanities in 2023.
  • Awarded a 2024 Fellowship, Käte Hamburger Centre for Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Studies, at Heidelberg University
  • Recent grant funding includes:
    • a 2022-24 Fonds pacifique grant €60,000 ‘Consilience des connaissances pour les solutions climatiques et la sécurité alimentaire en Polynésie française et dans les îles Cook grâce à la gestion des Rahui/Ra’u’. Co-Is Prof Bronwen Neil and Prof Tom Murray (Media, Communications, Creative Arts, Languages and Literature). Partner organistions: Senckenberg Natural History Museum (Frankfurt), Leibniz ZMT (Bremen), Te Fare Natura Museum (Moorea Tahiti), Mangaia Council, Cook Islands).Bringing together marine scientists, filmmakers, historians and traditional knowledge holders, this project seeks to bring ancient Pacific knowledge of resource management to bear on problems of climate change in the Pacific, Australasia and Europe
    • 2024-2027 Australian Research Council Discovery Project- $230,668. ‘Images of Power in the Roman Empire: Mass Media and the Imperial Cult’. Lead CI: B. Neil, and Cis Ryan Strickler (Newcastle), Amelia Brown (University of Qld), Estelle Strazdins (Australian National University).
  • Several recent publications including:-
    • Neil, B (2024) ‘Ordering and imparting knowledge for the sake of the church: Gregory the Great’, in Ayress, L., Crawford M, and  Champion. M. (eds.) The Intellectual World of Late Antiquity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    • Neil, B (2023) ‘Congregational Exegesis and Apocalyptic Visions in the Shepherd of Hermas’, in Decock, M., and Klein, E.  (ed.) Exploring the Literary Contexts of Patristic Biblical Exegesis. Washington DC: Catholic University of America Press).
    • Neil, B (2023) ‘From Local Authority to Episcopal Power: the changing roles of Roman and Italian bishops’, in Wijnendaele, J (ed.) Late Roman Italy: imperium to regnum. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
    • Neil, B (2023) ‘Old and New Letter Types in Julian the Apostate’, Fruhmittelaltlicher Studien, 57, pp. 217-235.

Professor Joanne (Jo) Arciuli  (2018/19 Fellow)  

  • Was named as a top 2% scientist in the world for Experimental Psychology for the year 2022 (Stanford University impact rankings: Ioannidis, 2023).
  • Professor Arciuli has concluded her three year term as Dean of Research at Flinders University. Her term saw her College achieve record levels of research income and HDR enrolments during this period. She led the introduction new Honours, HDR, and EMCR training and support programs. She also led College-wide studies of co-design practices and research to policy pathways.
  • Her research on reading acquisition in children with developmental disabilities was cited in the UK Governments Department of Education policy paper on reading instruction in schools (The Reading Framework, 2021/22/23).

Professor David Sutton  (2018/19 Fellow)

  • Has published his latest work arising from research commenced during his IAS Fellowship: ‘Eating with the Dead: ritual, memory and a gustemological approach to taste’  in Food—Media—Senses: Interdisciplinary Approaches.

Professor Richard Read (2014/15 Fellow)

  • Has been appointed a Visiting Fellow in Michaelmas term 2024 at King’s College, Cambridge.

Professor Rik Leeman (2010/11 Fellow)

  • Retires in April 2024 from Wageningen. Professor Dr Leemans presented his farewell lecture upon retirement titled ‘Don’t discipline us for transdisciplinarily assessing global challenges. He spent his career on developing integrated models and scenarios for climate-change impacts and biodiversity loss. He concluded amongst others, that impacts projected over decades ago, are occurring now, much earlier than expected. His farewell lecture can be seen on

Professor David Martin Jones (2012/13 Fellow)

  • Professor Martin-Jones’ latest publication, the anthology Contemporary Screen Ethics(Edinburgh University Press), has been shortlisted in the BAFTSS Annual Awards for Best Edited Collection.


Professor Alia Al-Saji 2012/13 Fellow) 

  • Has been promoted to full professor and is the James McGill Professor of Philosophy at McGill University.



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