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Where are they now? On Fellowship: The escape and arrival

On Fellowship: The escape and arrival Professor Margit Fauser, Ruhr-University Bochum I have been back for around one year now, between my desk and office at Ruhr-Bochum University and what today is considered a “home office”, one of the luxuries of academic life....

Where are they now? Abusing Antiquity

Abusing Antiquity Dr Helen Roche (Department of History)  The IAS major project ‘Abusing Antiquity’ gave everyone involved – investigators, IAS Fellows, and other interested members of the scholarly community – an invaluable and most timely opportunity to confront...


Where are they now? Vorfeude

Where are they now? Vorfeude

Vorfeude My first in-person encounter at the IAS took place months before my fellowship started. In late July 2022, as...


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