Christopherson Knott Fellows

Christopherson Knott Foundation Fellows

The Institute of Advanced Study, at the request of Durham University’s Research Committee, took over the responsibility for the administration of the Sir Derman Christopherson/Sir James Knott Foundation (internal) Fellowships in 2006/07. It established a Fellowship scheme for solo scholars conducting interdisciplinary research, enabling three Fellows, for one term, a year to be supported in this way.

In 2018/19, in accord with its new research framework, the IAS repurposed the Christopherson-Knott (CK) programme to support major interdisciplinary projects and their Principal Investigators. From 2019/20, the IAS Christopherson-Knott (CK) Foundation Fellowship has supported four IAS sponsored projects and their two leads each year.

Details of all the CK Fellows since 2008/09 can be located below.


Professor Rob Barton (Anthropology)

Dr Zanna Clay (Psychology)

Dr Markian Prokopovych (History)

Dr Chrysostomos Apostolidis (Marketing and Management)

Dr Mauro Bambi (Economics)

Dr Alpár Mészáros (Mathematical Sciences)

Dr David Chivers (Economics)

Professor John Paul Gosling (Mathematical Sciences)


Dr Amy Russell (Classics and Ancient History)

Dr Gleider Hernández (Law)

Professor Robert Schütze (Law)


Dr Alex Easton (Psychology)

Professor David Herman (English Studies)

Professor Bennett Zon (Music)


Professor Lewis Ayres (Theology and Religion)

Dr Nayanika Mookherjee (Anthropology)

Professor Pamela Clemit (English Studies)


Professor Tom Shanks (Physics)

Professor Carlo Caruso (School of Modern Languages)

Dr Anna Leone (Department of Archaeology)


Professor Patrick Zuk, School of Modern Languages and Cultures (Russian Studies)

Professor Helen Fenwick (Durham Law School)

Dr Noura Al-Moubayed, Department of Computer Science

Professor William Lucy, Durham Law School

Dr Helen Roche, Department of History,

Dr Elisabeth Kirtsoglou, Department of Anthropology



Dr Mike Church (Archaeology)

Dr Kaspar Peeters (Mathematial Sciences)

Dr Ehmke Pohl (Chemistry and Biosciences)


Professor Richard Bower (Physics)

Professor Martin Clayton (Music)

Professor Nicholas Saul (Modern Languages and Cultures)


Dr Daniel Paulusma (Engineering and Computer Sciences)

Dr Colin McFarlane (Geography)

Professor Nick Zangwill (Philosophy)


Professor Timothy Clark (English Studies)

Professor Neil Cameron (Chemistry)

Dr Matthew Ratcliffe (Philosophy)


Dr Catherine Turner (Law)

Dr May Darwich (Government and International Affairs)

Professor Tiago Moreira (Sociology)

Dr Margarita Staykova (Physics)

Dr Gary Sharples (Biosciences)

Dr Kim Jamie (Sociology)

Dr Helen Foxhall Forbes (History)

Dr Karen Milek (Archaeology)


Professor Clare McGlynn (Law)

Dr Susanne Braun (Business School)


Dr Colin Lever (Psychology)

Dr Ted Kaizer (Classics and Ancient History)

Professor Eleanor Spaventa (Law)


Dr Simon J James (English Studies)

Professor Holger Maehle (Philosophy)

Professor Yaoling Niu (Earth Sciences)