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One of the core aims of the Institute of Advanced Study is to encourage Durham’s research postgraduate community to engage with the work sponsored by the IAS. The Institute provides research postgraduates with a unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with some of the most distinguished scholars from across the world and to access to a wide range of events that allows them to examine for themselves the benefits and challenges of interdisciplinary research. Postgraduates are encouraged to attend the extensive programme of IAS Fellows’ seminars and Fellows’ lectures. Lectures are open to all.
This academic year seminars are taking place once more in-person. Capacity at IAS seminars in Cosin’s Hall, home of the IAS, is limited and places will need to be booked in advance.

The IAS is a space and resource to explore ideas. If you are a postgraduate researcher keen to explore ideas through a interdisciplinary lens with other postgraduate researchers at Durham then make contact with the IAS.

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Current 2020/21 projects

Quantifying global risk

Determining options available to the airline industry in the face of volcanic ash incidents.

Landscapes of rights

Examining the negotiation of rights around common resources.

Threshold worlds

An interdisciplinary project on dreams, narrative and liminal cognition.

Forthcoming 2021/22 Projects


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