Exploring Arctic soundscapes

Project summary

The proposed project will combine existing world-leading expertise in the Departments of Geography and Biosciences in Arctic and marine politics, cultures, ecologies, and ontologies with ongoing world-leading work in the Department of Music that explores the sonic invocation of environments. Through curated dialogue between Durham’s Biosciences, Geography, and Music communities, catalysed by residencies from two world-renowned sound artists who work at the intersection of these three disciplines, and enhanced by existing expertise in Durham’s Anthropology and History departments on ways in which northern peoples and outsiders perceive the Arctic and its sounds, the Exploring Arctic Soundscapes project will develop new practices for fusing scientific and artistic invocation and explanation of Arctic environments. These innovations will be achieved through several Durham-based workshops, a field trip to northern Norway, a series of performances, and (if approved) a pitched contribution to BBC Radio3’s “Between the Ears” (through Dr Barraclough – a 2013 BBC/AHRC New Generation Thinker, who frequently contributes to programming on BBC Radio 3 and BBC Four). Additionally, musical compositions and academic articles will advance Durham’s impact agenda and REF profile as well as generating conceptual advances in environmental understanding and establishing the basis for ongoing collaboration across the faculties. Term: Epiphany

Project fellows

Principal Investigator: Professor Philip Steinberg (Geography) Principal Investigator: Dr Robert Baxter (Biosciences) Principal Investigator: Dr Eric Egan (Music)