The Many Facets of Social Inequality


Project Summary

Income inequality and poverty have become increasingly pressing issues in developed countries over the past few decades. Despite various policy efforts, these problems persist, and their underlying causes remain poorly understood. This project aims to gain new insights into these causes of inequality and poverty and develop effective policy solutions. To achieve this, the project proposes the use of Mean Field Games theory, a cutting-edge mathematical model in macroeconomics. By fostering interdisciplinary and exploratory discussions among scholars from all four Faculties of Durham University, as well as distinguished fellows, the project seeks to identify the fundamental driving forces of social inequality and poverty. With these insights, the project aims to develop innovative models and approaches that can help shape a more equitable and just global community. The ultimate goal is to establish Durham as a world-class research hub on inequality and poverty. The project’s evidence-based research will inform policymakers and the wider community and contribute to creating a more inclusive and equal society. Overall, this project aims to provide a lasting legacy that will help to tackle one of the most pressing challenges facing our world today.


Epiphany 2025

Project Investigators:

Dr Mauro Bambi, Economics,
Dr Alpár Mészáros, Mathematical Sciences, 

Visiting IAS Fellows:


Events and Activities:


Posted on

May 23, 2023

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