Current projects

2022/23 projects

Casting fresh analytical light on the politics of credibility that underpin asylum determination regimes in the UK and Europe. (Major Project)

Examining the biological, physical and social impacts of pollution on micro- organisms, plants, animals and human stakeholders in the North East. (Major Project)

Focusing on the issues that arise due to young people’s participation in image-rich, real-time digital spaces. (Major Project)


This project  will pose these deeper questions around the development of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and related data sciences, cutting across the natural and social sciences, in a series of five, hour-long “fireside chats” at IAS. (Development Project)

A series of workshops seeking to build on existing synergies emerging from discussion within the BAME network on the absence/presence of Durham’s ‘black’ history, and to contribute to decolonisation debates. (Development Project

This project aims to create dialogue between scholars working in discrete fields of politics and everyday emotions, and to consolidate a critical mass at DU working in the field of ‘feeling political’ (intimacies, politics  and everyday life) and build research capacity. (Development Project)


To increase interdisciplinary capacity and shape future funding priorities (Development Project)

A series of workshop to explore and build ideas at the intersections of scientific evidence, media reporting, and their influence on public policies and behaviour (Development Project

Exploiting critical mass at Durham around the interplay of cognitive and cultural evolution, to extend its international reach and to develop wider connections, spanning many disciplines, with the ultimate goal of generating large-scale research programmes and funding. (Development Project)


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The Politics of Credibility

Dr Elisabeth Kirtsoglou – Department of Anthropology

Professor Olga Demetriou – School of Government and International Affairs


Risks to Youth and Studenthood in Digital Spaces

Dr Rille Raaper – School of Education

Dr Mariann Hardey – Durham Business School

Opportunities in Pollution

Dr Kimberley Jamie – Department of Sociology

Dr Margarita Staykova – Department of Physics

Future projects

2023/24 projects

Exploring 'Offence' as a phenomenon and the challenges for society in attempting to regulate offensive speech and behaviour.(Major Project)

Investigating the colonisation of the classical past by a spectrum of political forces, with a particular focus on neo-Nazi and white-supremacist groups in Europe and the UK.(Major Project)

An interdisciplinary examination of potential and actual sources of injustice within surveillance-cum-recognition and automated decision-making technologies and the DNNs which are their foundation.(Major Project)

An interdisciplinary project examining managers' experiences when working alone.(Small Project)

Past projects and themes

Past projects


Past themes