Current projects

Each year, the IAS supports four ambitious interdisciplinary projects tackling major research questions. Leading researchers from around the globe join Durham colleagues in collaborative teams to develop ground-breaking ideas, explore interdisciplinary synergies and develop new programmes of research. Learn more about our projects by following the links below.

Examining the negotiation of rights around common resources.

Determining options available to the airline industry in the face of volcanic ash incidents.

An interdisciplinary project on dreams, narrative and liminal cognition.

Past projects and themes

Past projects


Past themes

Future projects

2021/22 projects

Developing new practices for fusing scientific and artistic invocation and explanation of Arctic environments.

Identifying the opportunities, challenges and barriers to creating a sustainable space industry.

Developing methods to automate the processes involved in a literature review.

Exploring the social and cultural capital that might be accessed by advantaged and disadvantaged children.

Exploring how ideas of extended cognition can seek to explain memory at an individual level.

2022/23 projects

Casting fresh analytical light on the politics of credibility that underpin asylum determination regimes in the UK and Europe.

Examining the biological, physical and social impacts of pollution on micro- organisms, plants, animals and human stakeholders in the North East.

Focusing on the issues that arise due to young people’s participation in image-rich, real-time digital spaces.