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Insights captures the ideas and work-in-progress of Fellows who visited the Institute of Advanced Study during its thematic framework (from 2006 – 2017).

These short papers take the form of thought experiments, summaries of research findings, theoretical statements, original reviews, and occasionally more fully worked treatises. Insights volumes can – and do –  span more than one theme and details which theme is covered in which volume can be viewed to the right hand side of this page. The series of Insights has now concluded. Editors of Insights were Professor Susan Smith (2006-2009), Professor Michael O’Neill (2009-2012), and Professor Barbara Graziosi (2012-2015), and Professor Nicholas Saul (2015-2017).

Volume 10 (2017)
Ted GupAmerica and the Death of Facts: Politics and War on RationalismEvidence
Jan ClarkeBack to Black: Variable Lighting Levels on the Seventeenth-Century French Stage, Lavoisier and the Enigma of La Pierre philosophaleLight
Heather DouglasSexual Violence and Evidence: The Approach of the Feminist JudgeEvidence
David DrydenWhat Have Restriction Enzymes Ever Done for Us?Evidence
Jessica BrownEvidence and ScepticismEvidence
Richard WalshComplexity, Scale, Story: Narrative Models in Will Self and Enid BlytonScale
Julia PrestPerforming the Racial Scale: From Colonial Saint-Domingue to Contemporary HollywoodScale
Jon HeskGreek Thinking, Fast and Slow. Euripides and Thucydides on Deliberation and Decision-MakingEvidence
Howard and Frances MorphyRelative autonomy, socio-cultural trajectories and the emergence of something newEmergence
Carlo VecceThe Fading Evidence of Reality: Leonardo and the EndEvidence
Andrew BaldwinTheorising climate change and migration: affect, politics and the future-conditionalEmergence
Massimo LeoneWeight Problems: An Enquiry into Scales and JusticeScale
David PritchardDemocratic War-Making in Ancient AthensEmergence
Tim MayEvidence and Insight: In Search of the Distinctiveness of the University as a Site of Knowledge ProductionEvidence
Matthew EddyChildmade Evidence: A Reflection on the Sources Used to Historicise ChildhoodEvidence
Barbara SattlerMeasurement and Scales in AristotleScale
Kalyan PerumallaNormality, Magic, Miracle and Error: emergence along a reversibility spectrumEmergence
Kai WeiseAuthenticity and Post-Earthquake Rehabilitation of Cultural Heritage. Learning from the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake and the 2016 Chauk EarthquakeEmergence


Volume 3 (2010)
John Haslett and Peter ChallenorPalaeoclimate HistoriesModelling
Zoltán KövecsesMetaphorical Creativity in DiscourseModelling
Maxine Sheets-JohnstoneStrangers, Trust, and Religion: On the Vulnerability of Being AliveDarwin’s Legacy
Jill GordonOn Being Human in MedicineBeing Human
Eduardo MendietaPolitical Bestiary: On the Uses of ViolenceBeing Human
Charles FernyhoughWhat is it Like to Be a Small Child?Being Human
Maren StangePhotography and the End of SegregationBeing Human
Andy BakerWater Colour: Processes Affecting Riverine Organic Carbon ConcentrationWater
Iain ChambersMaritime Criticism and Lessons from the SeaWater
Christer BruunImperial Power, Legislation, and Water Management in the Roman EmpireWater
Chris BrooksBeing Human, Human Rights and ModernityBeing Human
Ingo Gildenhard and Andrew ZissosMetamorphosis – angles of approachBeing Human
Ezio TodiniA Model for Developing Integrated and Sustainable Energy and Water Resources StrategiesWater
Veronica StrangWater, Culture and Power: Anthropological Perspectives from ‘Down Under’Water
Richard ArculusWater and VolcanismWater
Marilyn StrathernA tale of two letters: Reflections on knowledge conversionsWater
Paul LangleyCause, Condition, Cure: Liquidity in the Global Financial Crisis, 2007-8Water
Stefan HelmreichWavesWater
Jenny TerryThe Work of Cultural Memory: Imagining Atlantic Passages in Literature of the Black DiasporaWater
Monica GradyDoes Life on Earth Imply Life on Mars?Water
Ian WrightWater WorldsWater
Shlomi DinarClimate Change and State Grievances: The Resiliency of International River Treaties to Increase Water VariabilityWater
Robin HendryScience and Everyday Life: ‘Water’ vs ‘H2O’Water