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Publications by year of project or previous theme or fellowship year

The Institute of Advanced Study is (amongst other things) an incubator for world class ideas and a catalyst for interdisciplinary research, within and beyond Durham University. The Institute does not hold grants or employ research staff: these conventional benchmarks of success belong to the individuals and departments which connect to and pass through the IAS ‘hub’.

The Institute’s crucial role is to attract Fellows of the highest calibre to carry out their research at Durham and to work with Durham colleagues on collaborative projects. It also provides essential seed-corn funding for a wide range of inter- and intra- disciplinary research initiatives, which in turn inspire high-level publications, grant applications, research capacity building, policy engagement, and the formation of new research networks.

Noted below are publications resultant of an IAS major projects, or sponsored thematic events.


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2017/18 - Structure

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2016/17 - Scale

Battaglia, R.A, Beltran, A.S., Delic, S., Dumitru, R., Robinson, J.A., Kabiraj, P., Herring, L.E., Madden, V.J., Ravinder, N., Willems, E., Newman, R.A., Quinlan, R.A, Goldman, J. E., Perng, M-D., Inagaki, M., & Snider, N.T (2019), ‘Site-specific phosphorylation and caspase cleavage of GFAP are new markers of Alexander Disease severity’, eLife , 8: e47789.

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2015/16 - Evidence

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2014/15 - Emergence

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2013/14 - Light

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2012/13 - Time

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Easter: Why is it so early this year?– Lutz Doering

Callard, F., Smallwood, J., Golchert, J., Daniel S. Margulies, DS (2013) ‘The era of the wandering mind? Twenty-first century research on self-generated mental activity’, Frontiers in Psychology, doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00891

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2011/12 - Futures II

2010/11 - Futures I

2009/10 - Water
‘This Strange Dream upon the Water’: Venice and the Cultural Imagination since 1800 Public Lecture Series

O’Neill, MSC, Sandy, M, Wootton, S (2012) ‘Venice and the Cultural Imagination – ‘This Strange Dream upon the Water”, London: Pickering and Chatton, 224pp.

Water Management and Conflict in the Ancient World

27-28 November 2009

Special issue of Water History was dedicated to this conference (Vol. 2, No. 2, October 2010) with a second special issue due for publication in 2011.
Water and Risk Workshop
12-14 January 2010
Water and Risk

Edited volume to be published by Wiley (forthcoming)

Global Water Regulation Workshop

22 March 2010
Position Statement: The Water Needs of the World’s Poor can be met if we Agree its Status as a Public Good

Water: Resource or Hazard? Workshop

25-26 March 2010
Climate and Hazards
The speakers from this workshop have agreed to contribute to an edited volume on climate and hazards.

Navigating Memory: Water in Literature and Psychology Conference

7 May 2010
The organisers of this conference are planning an edited collection of the papers contributed to this conference
2008/09 - Being Human

2007/08 - Modelling

2006/07 - Legacy of Darwin

Barton, S.C., Wilkinson, D (2009) Reading Genesis after Darwin. London: Oxford University Press

Bentley, A (2008) The Edge of Reason: Science and Religion in Modern Society. Continuum Press