Welcome to the home of Transformations, the newsletter of Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study.

Transformations seeks to serve our global College of Fellows, some 250 of whom in the last 12 years have made their mark in Durham and, building on their experiences at Cosin’s Hall, returned to their home institutions. Transformations also reaches out to all interested persons, scholars, researchers, artists, in early or later career phases, who are keen to explore the opportunities afforded by our uniquely creative environment. In Transformations, readers will find not only the latest news of Fellows’ achievements in their research and careers, they will also find a full list of current and future events in Durham (and elsewhere); longer features on current projects; interviews with recent (and not so recent) Fellows; and news of developments within the Institute itself (not least our adaptation to the post-Covid world). Transformations aims to reach out to our growing global community of Fellows and friends. If you would like to comment or contribute please contact us via email. We hope you enjoy Transformations.

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Issue 8 (January 2023)

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Issue 7 (October 2022)

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Issue 6 (May 2022)

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Issue 5 (March 2022)

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Issue 4 (December 2021)

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Issue 3 (July 2021)

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Issue 2 (March 2021)

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Issue 1 (October 2020)

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