IAS Fellow, Durham University (January-March 2021)

Professor Fabio Massacci (MEng’92, PhD’98 Computer Engineering, MA’95 in International Relations) has held academic positions in Rome, Cambridge, Toulouse, Trento, and now Amsterdam. He held visiting positions in Durham, Koblenz, Lueven, Marina del Rey, and Oslo.

He has published hundreds of papers on multi-disciplinary aspects of security and has received the *Ten years Most Influential Paper Award* by the IEEE Requirements Engineering Conference in 2015 for his 2005 work on security and trust in socio-technical systems.

He has coordinated several European projects (the SECONOMICS project on socio-economic aspects of security). He coordinates the education and skills work package of the CyberSec4Europe European pilot for an European Competence Center and he is the coordinator on the [H2020 AssureMOSS project] on open source security (“Written everywhere, Secured in Europe”).

He is interested in foundational and experimental aspects of security in socio-technical systems and will work on the analysis of socio-technical systems to understand how they react to extreme events and how people and companies might decide to bind the rules to have some results.

Professor Massacci is chair of Foundational and Experimental Security at Vrije Universiteit, and part-time professor of cyber security at the University of Trento.


### Secure Software Engineering
– *IEEE Transactions on Software Engineerin, TSE-2020* (joint with SAP)
– *ACM Computers and Communication Security CCS-2020* [A Qualitative Study of Dependency Management and Its Security Implications]
– *Empirical Software Engineering Journal* ESEJ-2020 (joint with TU/e and UMilano), [Measuring the accuracy of software vulnerability assessments: experiments with students and professionals](https://doi.org/10.1007/s10664-019-09797-4)

#### Risk Analysis and Policy
– *Risk Analysis* RAJ-2020 (joint with Durham Business School and KIPA) [Who Should Pay for Interdependent Risk? Policy Implications for Security Interdependence Among Airports](https://doi.org/10.1111/risa.13454)
– *IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine* SPM-2020 (joint with TU Delft) [Governance Challenges for European Cybersecurity Policies: Stakeholder Views](https://securitylab.disi.unitn.it/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=research_activities:economics:ieee_governance_v28-cleaned.pdf)

#### Crypto and Fintech
– *IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine* SPM-2020 on [Distributed Financial Exchanges: Security Challenges and Design Principles](https://securitylab.disi.unitn.it/doku.php?id=sp-2019-05-0134.r1_ngo.pdf)
– *IEEE Symposiunm on Security and Privacy* SSP-2018 (joint with Durham Business School) on [FuturesMEX: secure, distributed futures market exchange](https://securitylab.disi.unitn.it/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=sp18proceedings.pdf). Also an [EU/US Patent Application](https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/33/02/e7/6deebeae0a1845/US20190244290A1.pdf)

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