Firing up the epistemological engine

Project summary

Supported Creation of Meta-Analyses

Conceptions of knowledge, ways of knowing, and uses for knowledge, are in a state of flux. In the longer term, we envisage a Durham Epistemological Engine (DEE), whose goal is to create and use tools to engage with, and shape, the evolving knowledge landscape. Here, we propose to explore one component of the DEE, by developing methods to automate the processes involved in a literature review – in particular to support meta-analysis by using computer science (CS) tools such as natural language processing, deep learning and AI. We will use workshops to bring together expertise in CS and social science (SS) and will establish a network of interested researchers.

Term: Epiphany


Project investigators

Principal Investigator: Professor Jim Ridgway (School of Education)
Principal Investigator: Professor Alexandra I. Cristea (Computer Science Department)

First project workshop: The Challenge