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In Absence of Others: how managers’ daily solitude and loneliness at work informs their identity and well-being

This Small Project seeks to determine the daily consequences of hybrid working managers’ solitude and loneliness on their daily leader identity, wellbeing, and subsequent behaviors.

The way how work is structured has substantially changed and many employees work in physical distance from their team (i.e., alone). While working alone has become the new normal, it creates a particularly interesting tension for managers who could both lose and gain form working alone. Aloneness may emphasise formal differences, making managers prone to feel lonely. At the same time, aloneness may offer possibilities to take a step back and experience a positive state of solitude.

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Michaelmas 2023

Principal Investigators:

Dr Karolina W. Nieberle, Department of Psychology, 
Dr Xiaotong (Janey) Zheng, Department of Management and Marketing,

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