Legacy of Darwin

Theme summary

So wrote Charles Darwin in the conclusion to his On the Origin of Species (first edition, 1859): a work of far-reaching significance for an understanding of what it means to be human. If Darwin’s theories were initially ‘difficult to believe’, they now enjoy wide acceptance, yet contemporary thinking about evolution is itself in a continually evolving state. To explore the ongoing ferment of ideas about the impact of Darwinian thought on a range of academic disciplines, the IAS chose the Legacy of Charles Darwin as its inaugural theme for 2006/07.

This theme showcased a major series of interdisciplinary public lectures, organised by Professor Nicholas Saul (Modern Languages and Cultures) and Professor Patricia Waugh (English Studies); a conference on Darwin, Science and Belief organised by Dr Alex Bentley (Anthropology); a seminar series on the Legacies of Darwin in relation to Earth, Life and Mind organised by Professor Michael Summerfield (IAS Fellow/Edinburgh University); a public lecture series on Reading Genesis after Darwin organised by the Dr Stephen Barton (Theology); and an Evolutionary Musicology Conference organised by Dr Bennett Zon (Music).

Legacy of Darwin publications


Theme fellows

To learn more about the Fellows from this theme, see the 2006/07 Darwin Fellows page.

Professor Jane Buikstra (Arizona State University)

Professor Penelope Deutscher (Northwestern University)

Professor Mike Fellows (University of Bergen)

Professor Frank Möbus (Göttingen University)

Professor James Moore (The Open University)

Professor Robert Walker (Montana State University)

Dr Boris Wiseman (Durham University)

Professor Bennett Zon (Durham University)

Professor John Hedley Brooke (Oxford University)

Professor Lorraine Code (York University, Canada)

Professor Bryan Cullen (Duke University)

Professor John Dupré (Exeter University)

Professor Maxine Sheets-Johnstone (Oregon University)

Professor Mike Summerfield (University of Edinburgh)

Dr Robert Skipper (University of Cincinnati)

Professor Paula Stockley (Liverpool University)