Enabling responsible space exploitation

Project summary

The project brings together stakeholders from “space science” (notably, the space industry, physics and engineering, supply chain management, and ‘citizens’ (via applied social science and philosophy)) to discuss the implications of ‘democratising Responsible Space Exploitation space’ and to identify the opportunities, challenges and barriers to creating an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable space industry. Participatory workshops will be organised, involving space industry professionals from local and national small and medium enterprises and from the Satellite Catapult – North East Centre of Excellence, along with academic researchers from different disciplines. These workshops will map conceptions of ‘responsibility’ and will outline future space exploitation scenarios. Possible actions of individual stakeholders in response to those scenarios to create ‘Responsible Space’ will be outlined.

Term: Epiphany


Project investigators

Principal Investigator: Dr James Osborn (Physics)
Principal Investigator: Dr Atanu Chaudhuri (Marketing & Management)
Principal Investigator: Professor James E. Ridgway (School of Education)