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Where are they now? Deepening Abolitionist Praxis

Deepening Abolitionist Praxis Abolitionist praxis is complicated, layered across multiple scales, geographies, systems, communities, perspectives, and forms of engagement. Over the past five years, I have been growing my understanding of the fullness of abolitionist...

Where are they now? Vorfeude

Vorfeude My first in-person encounter at the IAS took place months before my fellowship started. In late July 2022, as I made my way to Dumfries for fieldwork, I spent a day in Durham to meet with Phil Steinberg (who kindly agreed to be my academic host throughout my...


Looking foward to: Dr Nikita Chiu

Looking foward to: Dr Nikita Chiu

Dr Nikita Chiu, Senior Lecturer in Innovation Policy, University of Exeter; Ad Astra Distinguished Fellow in Robotic...


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