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Former Fellow publishes new book in materials science and chemistry

Published by Cambridge University Press, Professor Tom Vogt used his IAS Fellowship in early 2018 to focus on this graduate teaching publication with Durham's Professor John Evans (Chemistry), Professor Patrick Woodward from Ohio State University, who also took up a...

IAS Director Nicholas Saul publishes new book with Brill

Darwin’s idea has been called the best idea anyone ever had. In Interrogations of Evolutionism in German Literature 1859-2011 Nicholas Saul offers the first representative account of German literary responses to Darwinian evolutionism from Raabe and Jensen via Ernst...
New book publication from Durham Law School Scholar

New book publication from Durham Law School Scholar

Rethinking Peace Mediation (Bristol University Press) edited by Durham’s Dr Catherine Turner (Durham Law School, and Dr Martin Waehlisch offers important insights into peace mediation practice today and the role of third parties in the resolution of armed conflicts.



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