Latest Past Events

IAS Public Lecture – Flourishing in the Anthropocene: property, community and climate change

Public Lecture by Dr Nicole Graham, University of Sydney. Progressive property theory presents a recent corrective to atomistic theories that isolate property interests from the network of relations and obligations arising from the sociality of organized human society. The ‘social obligation norm’ that underpins progressive property theory stretches back to Aristotle’s philosophy of eudemonia (‘human flourishing’ or […]

IAS Fellow’s Seminar – The Role of Catalogues of Threats and Security Controls in Security Risk Assessment: an empirical study with air traffic management professionals

IAS Fellow's Seminar by Professor Fabio Massacci, University of Trento and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam To remedy the lack of security expertise, industrial security risk assessment methods come with catalogues of threats and security controls. We run an experiment with Air Traffic Management professionals on a security risk assessment method conducted by non-experts (with domain-specific versus […]