Examining the interconnections between physical health, mental health and physical activity with neurodivergent youth


Project summary

One in ten youth in the United Kingdom are neurodivergent with a diagnosis of autism, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and other neurocognitive conditions. Neurodivergent youth are more likely to experience physical and mental health challenges compared to their peers. These health challenges are exacerbated by a limited understanding of how neurodivergence is connected with physical and mental health challenges as they are often conceptualized independently, without considering their interconnections.

This Research Development Project will examine the interconnections between neurodivergence, mental health and physical health. Drawing on bio-medical and humanities perspectives, this project examines how physical activity, biology, and health inequalities woven into the structures of society, impact overall health. The aim of this project is to develop tailored supports, policy recommendations and societal change to enable neurodivergent people to flourish to their full potential.

Term: Epiphany

Principal Investigators:

Dr Patrick Jachyra, Department of Sport & Exercise Science

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Posted on

September 15, 2023

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